Eyebrow Definition

By Gemini

Eyebrow Definition

From £25

Eyebrow Definition is a brow treatment used to shape and define eyebrows. We measure your facial structure to determine the best brow shape for you, we then use a tint that tints the skin as well as the brow hair, then we shape the brows using wax and tweezers and finally set all of this into place with some eyebrow products. Throughout this process you will be shown your brows so you have full control over the colours and thickness.



A coloured tint is used to colour eyebrow hairs, catching any small hairs/fluff. This adds colour and shape to the brows. Colours available: Blue Black (most popular) Black Natural Brown Light Brown Grey



Warm wax is applied over any unwanted hair and removed with a wax strip. This treatment is used to shape and tame eyebrows.

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