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Classic lash extensions- these are designed to lengthen and thicken natural lashes. It involves sticking 1 eyelash extensions to 1 natural lash. Russian Lashes- these are specifically made by hand during the lashing appointment. 4-7 super lightweight and fluffy eyelash extensions are made into a fan and place onto 1 natural lash. They create a fanned out, fluffy, full look. Different styles and looks can be created with these lashes. Hybrid lashes- These are 50% of your natural lashes covered with Classic Lashes (1:1) and 50% of your natural lashes covered with Russian Lashes 4-7:1).

Eyebrow Definition is a brow treatment used to shape and define eyebrows. We measure your facial structure to determine the best brow shape for you, we then use a tint that tints the skin as well as the brow hair, then we shape the brows using wax and tweezers and finally set all of this into place with some eyebrow products. Throughout this process you will be shown your brows so you have full control over the colours and thickness.
How long does this last?- as with all beauty treatments this all depends on so many variables such as your skin type, hormones, medications, aftercare, etc! But usually between 1-3 weeks.

Every treatment time is different depending on the desired look and natural lashes. We say allow up to the following times for each treatment: Classic lashes- 1hour 30minutes. Hybrid lashes- 2hours. Russian Lashes- 2hours 30minutes. Eyebrow Definition- 30minutes

Our address is: Horley Town Football Club, Andersonway, Horley, Surrey, United Kingdom, RH6 8SP. We are based inside and up stairs in Horley Town Football Club, found inside of Horley Leisure Centres car park. Check out our Instagram highlight ‘how to find us’ for a video.

Technically, yes. BUT we recommend NO! Even water based mascaras will clump your lashes, making them fall out quicker due to making them heavier. Normal mascara will apply oils to your lashes which will also make them fall out, therefor a definite no

1. Keep your lashes dry for atleast 24 hours post treatment.
2. Avoid any products that contain oils.
3. Only use water based products around the eyes.
4. Do not use mascara on your lash extensions.
5. Wash and brush your lashes regularly.
6. Remember your activity choices- swimming, exercise, etc. can effect your lash retention.
7. Rebook for 2-3 weeks time for infills.

We recommend coming back for infills for all of our lashes every 2-3 weeks depending on your retention. For longer lasting results we recommend you follow Gemini’s Beauty Aftercare Advice and also use Gemini’s Beauty Aftercare Products.

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